Gold as an Investment

For those of you who lived through the stock market of 2008, you might hear how the only solid investment is in gold. Usually, people will tell you gold and real estate never lose value, and that is simply not true. So, you might be asking yourself what is the allure of real estate and

Generation X, When Did We Stop Existing?

Are any of my fellow Xers feeling a little lost? Holy crap, I sure am! I am fascinated by the different nuances between generations. There, of course, is the Great Generation who were my grandparent’s generation. Then the Baby Boomers, my mother and father’s generation. Then, of course, there is me a Generation Xer.  Then

Ode to Jesse

Growing up in the financial industry I have spent most of my financial life telling people “no” or saying, “you can’t.” When you are a new financial advisor you are taught to help set people up for retirement, and this almost always involved savings and planning and, in some cases, “doing without” right now. This

Tarrifs and Trade Wars

So, many of you have been hearing these terms thrown around on the news a lot lately but could be unfamiliar with what they are/mean. Let’s dive in, shall we? Tariffs usually come about when we have a trade deficit or to balance perceived unfairness in trade relations. Trade deficits relate to imports and exports.

How Money Can Buy Happiness!

Does money buy happiness? I say you bet your sweet ass it does. This whole belief that money is the root of all evil and isn’t necessary to be happy is a bunch of BS. When you pay your bills for the month, buy groceries and have enough money left over to get gas and

What Investments are Liquid Vs. Illiquid?

Ok for starters, not all investments are illiquid. And for a second start illiquid means that your money is not easily accessible. Sometimes people think of investments as some money chomping demon that stunts their cash flow and standard of living. But I want you to love investments almost as much as I do so